1. Improving dev environments: All the HTTP things

    This post belongs to the series "Improving dev environments", you can see the previous post on cross-compiling Go on Docker here. I still remember the early days when Pow came out, a zero configuration Rack server for Ruby apps. It felt like magic at the time: the ease of use,…

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  2. 12-factoring Single Page Applications

    In an era where the cloud has become our main deployment platform, containers are everywhere, and we're structuring our applications as a set of microservices, we're hearing a lot about 12-factor and cloud-native applications, perhaps even too much (don't scream yet, I'm a fan, haven't you heard?). But wait... I'm…

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  3. Advanced Deployment of Ghost in 2 minutes with Docker

    At this point, if you look closely, it should come as no surprise that my blog is now powered by Ghost, it's also deployed inside a Docker container in a DigitalOcean droplet. I've been thinking about my setup and how easy it was to get it running, I figured I…

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