1. Improving dev environments: All the HTTP things

    This post belongs to the series "Improving dev environments", you can see the previous post on cross-compiling Go on Docker here. I still remember the early days when Pow came out, a zero configuration Rack server for Ruby apps. It felt like magic at the time: the ease of use,…

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  2. Improving dev environments: X-compiling Go on Docker

    A bit of backstory I've been pretty invested in the Docker ecosystem for quite a while now, evangelizing about the greatest of its advantages, dealing with the quirks in production, and closely following every release and discussion. One of the main benefits Docker has brought to my workflow is that…

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  3. Advanced Deployment of Ghost in 2 minutes with Docker

    At this point, if you look closely, it should come as no surprise that my blog is now powered by Ghost, it's also deployed inside a Docker container in a DigitalOcean droplet. I've been thinking about my setup and how easy it was to get it running, I figured I…

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