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June 7, 2015
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Adrian Perez

I'm self-aware that I have a love and hate relationship with blogging, and while I've tricked myself to be consequent during this new episode of it, the one you're reading, I can't help but thinking that my blog posts will go the usual route given the platform is running is called Ghost ;)

That usual route was insane periods of inactivity, something I've reflected upon, and trained myself on how to avoid, time will tell how that goes, I'm confident it'll be good and I won't have to do another post like this 3 years from now, or not because I had to import stone age-old posts, at the very least. Honestly, I'm not the only one to blame given the little problem that was the internet at the time, but that's a topic for another post.

During the process of setting up my new one I started importing the posts from my most recent one (which used to run on Octopress), sadly I didn't took care last time so any posts older than 2012 are pretty much gone for good.

Still, it's been a while since 2012, so I thought it would be interesting to see where I was, mostly from a development perspective, back then. And it was indeed, at least for me, so I decided to compile a few points from my posts and drafts and do a somewhat casual post about it:

  • My English was even worse. No, seriously, disgustingly worse ;)
  • I used to ❤ Backbone and Ember. My heart is on Angular and Polymer these days, althought I don't particularly mind either, and I'm using Marionette at work.
  • Cloud9 wasn't probably a thing, or I didn't use it at all, so I resorted to more arcane ways of pairing.
  • I was using tmux back then, and I'm still using it now, with sick Vim magic, window/pane movement and whatnot.
  • guard-cucumber was a thing. I won't probably find this on a Gemfile anytime soon.
  • I was just getting started with Vagrant, which got since replaced by Docker almost, if not, entirely.
  • I was almost exclusively doing Ruby, I'm way more polyglot these days.
  • Realtime was not really a thing in Ruby web development, I mean we probably had Faye and Juggernaut, but today we have Volt, ActionCable on Rails 5, and several other Node-hype stealers out there ;)
  • I was using a simple txt for personal task management, i.e. in some ways I was less busy, I'm now grow fond of Omnifocus which has tons of projects, including personal business and book writing.
  • I was exploring Go and was pretty excited about it, my excitement is pretty much gone, maybe it'll come back, who knows?

That's it for this quick post, certainly always find useful to reflect on the past.

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